Natural Swimming Ponds

  • Swimming ponds are 50% planted and 50% swimming area to prevent algae.
  • They do not require covering and will hover around 19-25 degrees during the summer.
  • Your pond will serve as an important habitat for an array of wildlife.
  • Whilst installation can be more expensive, swimming ponds are cheaper than pools over time due to the vastly lower maintenance costs.
  • No chemicals needed

‘We were very lucky to find Miles when we first relocated to Somerset.  He is incredibly hard-working, trustworthy, reliable and bright.  As well as maintaining our gardens and grounds, Miles has helped us with many projects over the last three years but the biggest by far was converting our lake into a natural swimming pond.  This was a huge project that involved cleaning, digging and rebuilding the existing lake and integrating a pump and filtration system along with substantial planting.  The results are phenomenal and we couldn’t be happier.  Miles is an absolute gem.’